ITT srl, quality control on textile, clothing and footwear

In today's market, the main goal of all businesses, whether small, medium or large-sized, is to achieve, optimize and maintain high quality standards through time.
That is why the "ITT s.r.l." was founded: to satisfy today's growing need in quality control. This corporation has been operating in the quality control field of consumer goods (except for food) for over 25 years, with high specialization in textile, clothing and footwear.


Analysis, monitoring, assessment, certification and training courses are the services that make ITT an efficient and reliable partner.


Inspections over all aspects of products, from the correspondence of the quantity to the conformity of the goods produced.
The ITT s.r.l. company cooperates with a multinational quality control corporation which has offices and personnel in over 72 countries around the world. This widespread network enables us to intervene all over the world, even in the farthest countries and in areas where production facilities can be difficult to reach, always offering competitive prices and highly qualified personnel.
Our services are therefore the ideal solution for all those businessmen who operate in various marketplaces and cannot supervise them all, thus having to commission an organization such as ITT s.r.l., to control their goods produced and/or purchased locally or abroad, without the need to transfer their own employees and thus bear elevated costs.